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Dear Friends,
My name is Jeff, and I was asked by Walt to take over administrative duties for website. I am in the process of creating a new site and certain things will change, but I want to assure you that the links to the rules and entry forms are active. Please be patient with me as I have not done HTML coding in a while, and I have never used this website design software before. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at jdschenk@mchsi.com.

Thank you for understanding,

Jeff Schenk

Rules and Entry Form

2023 Adult Division
Adult Division Rules | Adult Division Entry Form
2023 AutoMedics Group Division
Auto Medic Group Division Rules | AutoMedic Group Division Entry Form
2023 Interstate Batteries Youth Division
Interstate Battery Youth Division Rules | Interstate Battery Youth Division Entry Form
2023 Drivers List
2023 Drivers List

Breaking News 2023

Sad News.

Our good friend and Web Page updater passed away December 7th. Leo Busker died suddenly. We were just completing payment for the coming year a few days before. We are saddened for Leo’s Family and friends; we will miss him. We have a new person working on getting the web page activated. If you see this and the 2023 Entry Forms, we accomplished that. We shall carry on.
Thanks Leo.
We are getting ready for the 2023 Season. Please check out the 2023 Entry Forms. The 2023 Rules have not changed. Please write all information clearly, it makes things go so much faster. PLEASE, car numbers only, no driver name and no #’s. All entries are to be send to the same PO BOX so if you are entering more then one division you can bundle then in one envelope.
Mail to;
Walts Challenge
PO Box 16325
Duluth Mn 55816

Happy New Year.
Thanks to Auto Medics 6th Ave East and 5th St. for sponsoring our Team division,
perhaps the most fun division.
Thanks to Interstate Batteries for sponsoring our youth division, for all they do for the
players. Stop by 426 John Ave in Superior where every battery for every vehicle and
every device are on their shelves.
Any questions or issues please contact Walt.
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Our 2023 Youth Division Sponsor

Interstate Batteries

Our 2023 Group Division Sponsor


Race Results:

2023 Daytona 500 test link